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Hip Hop News: Gwap Mula bets on himself, as he goes solo for the new year


Bronx born, Harlem raised Gwap Mula is a product of music as well as his environment. As early as age 9 he can remember his first rap. Recorded in a basement, Gwap Mula performed with the energy inspired by his greatest influencers - Tupac, and Biggie.

"From early on I have been a fan of music that you can feel and see. So that's what I make."

Believing that music should be a reflection of oneself Gwap went on to create more compositions that depicted his experience and sentiments. With countless mixtapes as a member of The 5 as well as joint projects with M.O.E Gwap Mula is now focused on the development of his brand and solo catalog. His time living in Atlanta working and performing with The 5 has been priceless as it afforded Gwap Mula the opportunity to hone in on song writing skills and push the development of his pen. In studio and networking with the likes of Gucci Mane DJ Khaled, Young Joc Problem, Lil Scrappy, YFN Lucci, Young Scooter, DJ Nina 9, Johnnie Cabbel has taught Gwap Mula about the art and business of music today, something which he carries with him into the next chapter of his journey.

His latest project, Feel My Pain, is now available on Dat Piff and has done wonders as a compliment to his groundwork promotion throughout famed nightlife venues citywide.

"The clubs have been showing a lot of love to my new single, Rich N Famous, featuring Popperazzi Po. Be on the lookout for official video release coming soon."

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