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Mixtape Review: The Chillionaires "Who Wants To Be A Chillionaire"


Brooklyn native MCs Ruciano, Sky $craper and King Gray are known as the Chillionaires. A collective of charismatic individuals known for a vibey style of living, and phenomenal energy both on and off the stage. Respected for their foot work, having shut down venues citywide, the group has released a thematic body of work,Who Wants to Be a Chillionaire to supplement their recent consistency in delivery of quality visuals. I sat down with the project, digested, and now am ready to share my thoughts as I myself took note on how to be A Chillionaire.

Played on shuffle, the first track that popped up was Whole Lotta, a banging single that plays like the theme song for the money throwers and weed smokers ...tape comes in knocking with a sure fire club banger as the team explains to the listener what the chillionaire lifestyle is like on the turn up tip. Great way to start the project, with a straight head shot (preferably Hennessy). Each member paints a might life scenario of clubbing, swagging in dope rides with fine women. On A Chillion Bars, the tempo is slowed down a bit to accommodate the slow sippers and high times as Ruciano Marley opens up with “What’s up chick, I does this, I’m wavy like the Hudson....” and goes on to describe his fly “Black Construct Timbs, Louie on the cufflinks / By the wardrobe you can tell I get more dough than dumplings.” Slick talk personified.

More lyrical than club themed, A Chillion Bars, is a good display of the crew’s lyrical prowess. the Hook “We spitting like a Chillion bars / we feeling chillionaire rich like a billion large / like a trillion dollar mansion and a million cars / all-night we stay lit like a chilli stars’” synchs well with the verses by each as they all deliver different flows in harmony convincing anyone who believed that their music is just about the vibe. Nah, it’s the lyrics too. Riding music in the truest sense this song can accompany you down the highway with its smooth beat and even smoother lyrics from The ChillionAires

“I’m breaking records some cats can’t even sell cassettes/ i sell the rest I’m over squares check his chest /“

The rest of the content is real New York, as the Chillionaires turn down the notion of “trapping and poppin pills” only giving props to the way true Chillionaires chill. Preferably with a nice female and some good weed. On Mr. Fly Guy the Chillionaires confirm all of the reasons that a less fortunate individual should be hating. Lines like “Wavy Hitta dripping sauce / I’m bout to make a mess / Body builder shit I only came out here to Flex / And ball hard to be the logo like I’m Jerry west”

Bright lights and specs (glasses) is the Chillionaire lifestyle. No tough guy act, rolling loud, nice cars and a chill vibe.

“I’m not Superman - I’m Mr. Fly Guy”

For any of those who to be a Chillionaire - this new project is certainly a “How To” manual. On Buscemi Walk the Chillionaires pay homage to their Buscemi fetish. The titled track breaks down one of the elements of their fly, as well as the rest of their couture lifestyle, "Buscemi Walk" is for Fly Hittas only. A little more grounded, A Chillion Dollars defines the actual grind that gets the group to the bag and allows for the flash and presentation. Too Cool can be an anthem for all those who are “Too Cool for the fuckery” and are adamant about good living - sucker free. The vibe on “Everyday” brings us back to the universal fun- that loud pack. For the smokers, “Everyday” is a treatise on how to keep your lungs happy in the most 420 friendly way possible. “You Ain’t Heard” has club potential and should be played at high volumes, preferably in residential neighborhoods. Melodic, trendy, and more. This record is one I see transcending geographic lines.

“Who wants to be a Chillionaire” is the perfect outro; leaving listeners with an understanding that the Chillionaire brand is about vibe and bars!

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