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Tanisha Releases Highly Relate-ably Themed Video For Her Ballad, "Wild World"

At 23 years old, R&B / Alternative artist Tanisha has already founded her own label "NWYE" (Not What You Expected) and is in the driver seat of her pursuits. Looking to be the conduit to unleashing more of the hidden talent in her hometown, she has stepped up to the plate appropriately.

Her latest single, Wild World, is smooth and poignant telling the story of so many who chase a dream and risk losing what may be more valuable in love and companionship. Take a ride with her on the journey of hustle and bustle in the music grind, while you bear witness to a relationship going awry as the gift and curse of success rear its ugly head (cliché). Toronto, Canada has another emerging star and her name is Tanisha.

Watch Wild World Below:

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