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Kassius Brikkz releases accompanying video for his new track, Meal Ticket


Introducing Kassius Brikkz the Bed-stuy, Brooklyn lyricist taking every opportunity to cash in on his meal ticket. Brikkz is definitely the last of a "dying breed," as he calls himself on his new single Meal Ticket. It's not news to those who are paying attention that in this day and age a lot of the records get radio spins just sound good but fall short lyrically. Brikkz, a lover of the culture is here to secure the actual art of rapping, with his focus being on conscious music. While listing Lloyd Banks, Vado, Fabolous and Ludacris as his biggest influences, "their words always painted pictures." And just like his influences he hopes to do the same...amongst other things. He doesn't want to make music that you can just bop to, he wants his words to stick and inspire.

"The industry has changed over the years. I'm at the point where I just wanna make music and inspire others. I've never been focused on money. I just wanna be recognized for being dope. Eventually branch off into film and fashion."

Class clown didn't really last as a student/ Rapping to move the game but I crashed as a unit/ Saw the vision and movement of drug dealing and boosting...

Watch Kassius Brikkz new video Meal Ticket below.


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