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Rising MC continues to remind the world that Kashrulez Everything in the Port


Known creatively as Frank Versache, this multi-dimensional creative is one of a rising movement grinding as The Regime. A collective of two super talents, The Regime has set their sights on putting their Cambridge Mass neighborhood The Port on the map of Hip Hop landmarks. Recording and performing for the better part of the last two years, Frank Versache has been working alongside his partner Jo Blk on their debut, The Regime. Affiliated with Kash Rulez and JBM movements, Frank Versache has identified his ultimate goal as being that of motivating others, most importantly the youth showcasing the reality of their bring other options for stardom and financial stability.

"I would like the world to know that this music thing isn't just music it's deeper than that and it's a brother hood of people who been around each other our whole lives and been in this street shit."

Formerly of the group, IV League, Frank Versache has found his place in The Regime and all systems are go.

"I knew that I could talk to them and they would listen cuz we doing is real life shit so it's like they need me and that's what keeps me going."


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