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One Half of The Regime: Jo Blk


A true hustler in every sense of the word, Jo Blk is one half of the powerful duo that goes by the name of The Regime. A wordsmith, Jo Blk is known for his charismatic delivery of bars laced with the reality most related to by those who have walked the path of life similar to his. Laying verses for the past 2 years, music has become an outlet for this product of fast living. A native of Cambridge, Massachusetts he and his partner Frank Versache have begun to heat up on local streets and have now lain their eyes on national exposure.

An affiliate of Jungle Boy Music, his goal is to make an impact on culture and open a lane for he and his cohorts one smash hit at a time. Not allowing critics or anyone else to box him in, Jo Blk creates with the ultimate freedom of one who has realized his potential for greatness. Kash Rulez is the motto, and The Regime is the movement. A Haitian-American, Jo Blk is prideful, deliberate, talented, and on a mission.




For All Press Inquiries @Basquiatlxents


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