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Ricky Official provides sonic variety on new "Flying High" Album


A German / Japanese born performing artist, Ricky Official has crafted his artistry by studying the culture and music of his beloved genre of Hip Hop since a teenager. Penning lyrics since 2014, Ricky Official has grabbed opportunity by the horns recording and releasing music since migrating to the United States from Europe. Now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Ricky Official has been delivering his sound wherever privileged to, enhancing awareness of his brand and acquiring fans / supporters. Having already released accompanying visuals for popular singles Work In Progress, and Flying High he has galvanized individuals creating anticipation for the official release which is slated for this coming Friday July 14. The album features work with longtime collaborator Brandon Consbruck of Conzbruck Productions as well as We As One Productions producer James Harris with mix and master by Hitlanders.

Product for his “Officials”, as he calls his fan base, that he can be proud of. In advance of the release, we sat down to review the entire project and deliver our treatise on the work. Check out the Review below:

On the title track the mood is set with a great intro as the instrumental gives off a vibe that ensures you the listener understands that a trip will be taken. As Ricky Official describes the circumstance of meeting an extremely attractive woman whom he wants to educate about how well she deserves to be treated. A home run if you ask me - who Better to attract on the first track than women. Given the tone of classic records today, anything that aims at empowering the biggest consumer demographic the right way is a sure score. The hook compliments the content well:

"I just want us flying high babe wanna elevate your mind babe show you what you worth give you the live of your dreams, if you never lived before let me show you what it means."

The transition to the second track "Whenever" is intoxicating as once again the listener is met with a seasonably appropriate smooth tune that matches the summer season. Once again - very smart. Speaking to the reality of great energy, on this track Ricky Official describes his lady interest who has been instrumental in supporting him through the ups and downs that he knows as life. As he sings

"Whenever im down

As soon as you aroundEverything just feels so right

So I wonder if you would liketo have some loving in your life

Everyday could feel just like"

For all those who say love music is nonexistent, Ricky Official has offered the anecdote, on Carpe Diem reminding listeners what the good life feels like. As the chorus dictates

"This is what it feels like when you live the good life, come over to my side my side my side This is what feels like carpe diem night life where you life the good life good life good life."

Just what the doctor ordered. A melody for the smoothest 2 step. Playing with his delivery on this track, Ricky Officialexemplifies his hip hop influence as he spews about the nightlife which we all know and love. Subsequent tracks Feeling like I'm Falling as well as the ballad oriented Songs of Love carry the theme well before Ricky Official provides arguably the most candid track on the project Work in Progression. Pouring his heart out regarding his faults, he creates balance by mentioning good intentions when it comes to love and relationships. Reminding his lady that "if you can work with me I'll make it worth your while" Ricky Official does his best to win over the girl of his dreams. For those of us who are ourselves a work in progress, the gravity on this record is galvanizing.

The sequencing of the next track, Ghost of Yesterday is well thought out as you are given privilege to Ricky Official's dissertation on some of the heart ache he has experienced over the years which ties into the excitement exuded on previous tracks at the opportunity to get a second chance at love. Another standout track on the project, How You Feel, once again consists of Ricky Official riding the instrumental melodically as he fits in perfectly with the sound of today.

Closing out Flying High is the bass heavy track Decades which is a substantial reminder on the part of Ricky that his desire is a lifetime of love. Fellas - looking for a new addition to your Netflix and Chill playlist, Flying High definitely deserves strong consideration given the substance and sonic approach. In line with popular culture of today, Ricky Official delivers some good tunes on his debut, and seems to create a standard for himself going forward. I am intrigued to see how the rest of his discography plays out.

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