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New Music: Josh Jacobs "Keeping It 100"


To make a connection and transcend across audiences like Josh Jacobs does takes a certain instinct. Expressing your true self tests your limits, taking you places while pushing your creativity. One of the byproducts becomes your willingness to try new things. That is one of the ways the Josh Jacobs describes the space that he was in while recording his new single, Keepin it 100. Aptly titled, the work is Josh Jacob's finest moment considerably; the moment where he owned it as an artist. From the content to the bars, his focus is razor blade sharp and the outcome has inspired him tremendously to follow up with more heat. Comfortable in this niche, Josh Jacobs exudes reality and displays a maturity that says he is ready to take his artistry to the next level.

By accenting rhymes with harmonies, we are treated to his sonic uniqueness. The Brooklyn native became an early student of hip hop and it’s evident that he has put in the time to hone a craftsmanship that has separated him from his contemporaries. Produced by Miracal, Keepin it 100 is sure to draw in a new fan base and satiate the existing one as well. Listen here first:


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