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Living Hip Hop, one bar at a time: Marc Will


Known professionally as Mark Will, this Hip Hop MC is a dual threat as performer and ghost writer. A student and supporter of the culture for 2 decades, Mark Will tried his hand at penning rhymes for quite a while before jumping on the scene as the main focus. A native of the South Bronx, his resume includes work with notables such as Kony Brooks, Burnaz Brigante Werdz Rodriguez, Fetti Cash, and of course his Brickstack Records Family. Multi-faceted in his craftsmanship, Mark Will is currently working on the forthcoming release of his Alpha Reloaded project which is slated to hit the retail markets end of the year 2017.

"My goals are comprehensive, I want to build the Brickstack brand into a multimedia company, as well as give back to my community by working with impoverished youth."

Living, breathing Hip Hop, Mark Will is constantly at work promoting and connecting dots on his brand. Starting as a DJ, he is well versed in all of the elements of the genre, and uses his ear to empower others and keep his steel sharp lyrically. Stay tuned for his rise.

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