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Building his Cide House Records empire: JoeThePoet


A 28 year old rap artist born in the Bronx, NY Joe The Poet is the son of immigrant parents from Livingston, Guatemala Central America. Starting his quest in 2010 to being one of the elite artists in this game. JoethePoet has been hands on with his career. Wearing every hat from bookings, to promotion he has self launched a tour which made stops at renowned venues throughout the city from Santos party house, SOBs (Sounds Of Brazil), The Paperbox where he opened up for the legendary mind, as well as King Zeus, and Joyner Lucas. Other stops included The Pyramid Club, The Mockingbird, Karma Lounge, LoveCraft, as well as The Bayou Lounge (SXSW 2016), Philadelphia's UE Lounge, Club Bliss in Washington DC, Five Star Bar in Los Angeles (Grammy’s Weekend 2017), and Maggie's Lounge in Massachusetts. JoethePoet has had radio interviews at Da Dolla Show, Damatrix studios, DTF Radio, UE Radio, and Air It Out Radio in Philadelphia.

In 2017 he officially started his own company named Cide House Records, LLC and followed that up with jumping into the merchandising lane. His chemistry with in house producers Ritschi Beatz from the Netherlands and Solomon from Australia have been featured on his second album. titled Solitary Confinement which released in 2016 and is available on iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify.

"As an artist I feel like I can't be one dimensional. I have to be a complete package as an artist; so my goal is to become a better performer, better CEO of my company, and try to make a difference within my music for all kinds of fans to gravitate towards what I'm saying and hoping they enjoy it".

Check out his Front Line video below:

Connect with Joe The Poet:


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