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Chase Baker talks "Big Homie" record, professional basketball career and Brooklyn Hip Hop

(Photo Credit:@ShotBy_BigAqeTV)

For the past three of four years I have watched this brother and his team grind on the NYC music scene, and when I first developed the idea to pay tribute to the legacy of Biggie Smalls in Hip Hop and in New York Chase Baker's name was one of the first that came to mind. As a formidable rhyme-smith from Brooklyn, the home of B.I.G I thought it to be only fitting that we sit down and kick it for an exclusive.

Jason Bourne: When the name Biggie gets said around you, what comes to mind?

Chase Baker: Brooklyn comes to mind. The idea of the greatest rapper of all time is from my hood.

Jason Bourne: Would you consider Big as being the most influential MC to come out of Brooklyn?

Chase Baker: Yes. Because even though we have Jay-Z, Fabolous, Maino, Uncle Murda and much more, BIG is the benchmark; the one that they all give it up to.

Jason Bourne: On a personal note, how has he influenced your craft?

Chase Baker: The fact that one of the greatest came from my neighborhood, it's motivating, and it constantly reminds me to raise my bars. Not saying that I wouldn't shoot for greatness if he wasn't from here, but it's a dope claim to fame to be an artist from Bed-Stuy, the home of B.I.G.

Jason Bourne: You are considered one of the more talented lyricists coming out of Brooklyn; How do you maintain the level of wordplay and not get sidetracked by the trends?

Chase Baker: When I was in College, I excelled in literature and short story classes. I had the ability to paint a picture. When you have an extensive vocabulary, it's very hard to dumb it down. I pride myself on lyrical content. I'm not an over the top complex individual, just well structured.

Jason Bourne: I recently saw you get busy at the Hip Hop Press Conference in a cipher and I wanted to ask what goes through ya mind as the microphone gets passed around before it gets handed to you?

Chase Baker: I always try to listen for a while. After a few artists go, I notice that they all say the same things. That lets me know what I want to say. Whenever I'm in new areas, I try to leave them with something that means something.

Jason Bourne: Your verse that afternoon was very socially aware? why that approach?

Chase Baker: Most of the time, artists don't spit about current events or issues of meaning. I think I do well in selecting which moments to bring those things out. If you pay attention, information like that always stands out.

Jason Bourne: You have a record out right now #BigHomie which is very creative; for those who may not have heard break down the content

Chase Baker: Yeah, Big Homie is just my little contribution to the Legacy of Christopher Wallace. It's a short 2 verses, 16 bars each, where I use a Biggie song title in every bar.

Jason Bourne: There is a video correct, where is it available?

Chase Baker: The video will be dropping any day now on several platforms, shot by Sapreme Films.

Jason Bourne: One of the big topics in the city right now is performances, and the lack of exposure; You are smart, and I watch how you navigate your answers; when it comes to shows, how do you choose what you will and will not perform @?

Chase Baker: Well, as an artist that has been in almost everything in New York, most of the showcase promoters know me. The format is basically the same. More times than not, a performance event costs something. I am very selective in which events I pay to be in because I'm able to recognize if it will help me in some way or not. We all should invest in our careers but for me, it's about branding my records in front of the right people so that I can be booked more. Sometimes the event will land me exposure that is beneficial to me.

Jason Bourne: Where do you see Chase Baker in the Hip Hop conversation one year from today?

Chase Baker: My goal is to be a well-rounded superstar, versatile enough to jump in many lanes, concerts, features, my own big records, and to be considered a good fit for anyone. I'm focused on being the happy medium between what they want and what I feel they need.

Jason Bourne: Remind the people were to catch you on social media, and where to pick up all your music at?

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