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Video: Kool G Rap tells Ebro In The Morning that he does not have 2Pac on his list of greatest lyric


In an interview with Ebro In the Morning's own Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura Stylez the legendary Kool G Rap breaks down the transition of his career from prominent member of the Juice Crew to his status of pioneering figure in gangster rap. The Corona as well as Lefrak City icon admits to his foray into gangster rap being a result of his lifestyle changing; with fame and notoriety came a new set of friends, mostly street individuals who wanted to be around him as a system of support and more. When asked about the authenticity of his content, Kool G Rap admits that not every bar was a product of personal experience however it was lived out by those immediately around him which led to him becoming a leader in the introduction of "gangster rap" as a sub-genre within Hip Hop. G Rap goes on to defend artists of today whom have been criticized for not living out their lyrics, stating that artists are allowed to fantasize and be creative with their music. One person in particular who was placed under the microscope is Rick Ross, whom has stated on many occasions that Kool G is a big influence on his brand of music. Later on in the interview Rosenberg asks if Kool G Rap was a 2Pac fan. This is where things get interesting.

"You know what (pause) ...Some things I was crazy about and other things I appreciated for what its' worth....."

Kool G continues on to state that "Pac was a phenomenal artist........If you asked me if he was the best rapper ever, I probably wouldn't place him in that category"

Check out the full interview below:


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