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Kwoat continues to build on his projection as next break out NYC artist with new release, I'm Ba


Brooklyn, New York native, newly signed artist Brian “Kwoat"Louis, MorValue, is a lyricist whose genre of rap is infused with shock-rap and illustrious me lodies. Kwoat’s journey began during middle school at the lunch table when he started dropping rhymes to impress his cousin and classmates.

“ My cousin was my biggest idol at the time and one of the most popular kids in the school; junior high school”.

Growing up Kwoat was told that his flow was more alternative. That observation only pushing him to change the industries expectations of hip hop with his sound of music. In 2006 he came up with stage name, “Kwoat”.

“I would always have a book full of quotes and jokes that I would just fit into my verses. Some of my biggest punchlines started as a quote that I had to rephrase to melodically flow into the verse.”

Biggie, Eminem, Jadakiss, Kanye West and Drake all being major influences, Kwoat was inspired to join the “Audio Addikits” where he became vastly educated in the art and sound of music; from learning to count bars to working with engineers, writers, and producers Kwoat used 2010 to catapult. Collaborating with other talented artists and sharpening his craft Kwoat would later release his debut mixtape, Writer's Block. In October of 2014, his collaboration with President Davo I Don’t Wanna To Be Playa gained over 2 million views on YouTube which showed his validation amongst the new generation of fans who thrive on Social Media. Having a loyal fan base and estimated 25,000 across his various handles, Kwoat has proven to be a viral sensation as well as guaranteed crowd pleaser. When you watch him perform you can expect the persona that embodies a true rock star.

“Crowd surfing, energy, and interaction with the audience. “ I love to deliver lyrics and giving the crowd can experience with explosive energy”.

Opening up for Joell Ortiz, stealing the spotlight undeniably at the legendary SOB’s of NYC, and performing on the Dean's List Tour (one of the most influential Hip-Hop College tours in the country) are only the beginning to the many highlights of his career. His most recent hit is his Haiti-Mix to Tory Lanez, Luv. which has garnered over 50,000 views across social media platforms. Kwoat is one of the most versatile rappers rising in music. Whether you want to vibe or “turn up” in the club, the MorValue label can guarantee you will be satisfied with Kwoat’s lyrics, flow, and sound.

Check out the Official video for his I'm Back single,


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