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Grooming himself and others for success: J Clarkson AKA JLC


One of the emerging brands in the Hip Hop genre today, A.A.G Records lead by CEO / Recording Artist J Clarkson have hit the national scene with a meticulous radio campaign that has paid major dividends. His lead single, I Be On it, is making waves and allowing him the potential of becoming a house hold name. With the help of Stevie B of Hoboken, NJ based entity MiaMind Music JLC has hit the charts with no stop in mind. Consistently raising brand awareness, JLC has taken the matters of his brand and music into his own hands applying the harsh lessons learned in the dog eat dog business of music.

"Everyday alive is a lesson for me, I apply what I have learned turning misfortune into motivation for my music and brand..."

Finding comfort in the scripture, Provers 22:29 JLC confidently believes "Seest thou a man diligent in business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men." With that as his mantra he has developed and nurtured business relationships which speak directly to his ambitions and that of the acumen befitting of an individual destined for greatness.

“ In this industry and many other industries you have to pursue, overtake & without fail take what's yours with an attitude of determination, overcoming all obstacles and hatas. Believe me many obstacles have came my way along with couple of set backs, but I get up and bounced right back.

A native of Fort Worth, TX JLC has sought redemption after wrongful prosecution. One of many building blocks in his road to success. Thinking and existing outside of the box, he has freed himself of negativity and forged ahead in his entrepreneurial pursuits. Featured on platforms such as Thisis50, Jack Thriller, Exposed Vocals and more he has targeted extreme visibility. An independent artist to the fullest, JLC is putting the finishing touches on his Hollywood album which is due out Summer 2017. Featuring the likes of Lil Lo, Iam Me, YungMega, CStruggs, and Akult JLC considers this project his best work to date.

Recently signing Iam Me (Formerly Lil D) as well as Kymani Kush to his A.A.G imprint, JLC looks forward to grooming their careers as well as his own. Stay tuned for the greatness to come.


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