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Lavish LifeStyles: What Happened to the Crown?


As someone whom lives, breathes and loves Hip Hop, through the good, the bad and the ugly I recognize that up until about 3.5 years ago I have always listened to the music with unbiased ears. My daily rotation might go from Afu-Ra to W.C. and all in between. At this moment, I would like to admit that there was a point when that all changed.

After the birth of my daughter, I began to listen more consciously, especially when she is around. While digging deeper, I realized there was an issue - that being the difficulty in finding female voices that my daughter can look up to one day.

Somehow along the way, it became taboo to just be a female emcee and normal to bare it all, over sexualizing every rhyme. There was a time when it was ok to be EVE, Missy Elliot or Da Brat; we don’t even have to go back to MC Lyte or Queen Latifah.

It is fair to assume that proper female representation in the mainstream may only occur once every few years in Hip Hop. Unlike years past, the internet has made it increasingly easier to access new voices. There is a new wave of voices that can run the field from bars to everyday woman struggles; but are they fit to be an example for the younger generation ? I, for one, enjoy hearing the struggle from a female perspective because as a man those are shoes I will never walk in.

I am in no way saying that I want every female emcee to be at Lauryn Hill's level but can we get less Nicki’s and Iggy’s and more Dreezy’s, Silent Celeb’sand Jazzmyn Red’s . Please.

Can we dispel the stupid old saying that “Sex Sells” because we all know that that only applies to Female Hip Hop artists and nowhere else in the music industry. It’s a shame that the powers that be would rather glorify ass shots than baby bumps but some things will never change, unfortunately. Selfishly, I want my baby girl to be able to aspire to be what she sees and hears from our beloved art form. There are way too many talented, hard working females industry wide to have the world fooled into thinking all female rappers are short shorts and sexy rhymes.



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