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Lavish life Magazine New Music Alert: NajIsDope "Lilo & Stitch"

From lost to found, broken apart and put together again with ‘Lilo&Stitch’


Back with a vengeance, Brooklyn bred Rap artist, Naj isDope released an intense, hard hitting new track titled ‘Lilo&Stitch’ through SoundCloud on April 21st, thrusting himself back into the limelight of the ever growing underground Hip-Hop scene in New York City. After some time away from releasing music, Naj makes it vividly clear what's been on his mind recently and everything he's been having to deal with, personally and business related since the last time we heard of him. As bold and controversial as ever, his stream of thoughts hit all spectrums of adversity, whether it be the infidelity he dealt with in his most recent relationship, to disloyalty from close family. All in all, Naj isDope pulls no punches, even against fellow artists, and definitely aims to reassert himself as one of the more lyrically skilled rap artists on the come up with his newest offering.

Listen below:


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