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Jay Evans talks the influence of travel on his sound, as well as forthcoming projects


Lavish Life Magazine: You were essentially raised in the music industry correct; your mother is an accomplished musician?

Jay Evans: Yes, myself and my two sisters were raised basically in the industry. My mom was an accomplished singer who worked with many accomplished individuals during her years in the business.

Lavish Life Magazine: It is similar to a kid whose parent plays Basketball. Did you feel much pressure to follow in her footsteps?

Jay Evans: Not at all; it just felt right. I used to be in the studio when I was younger with my mother. It was her who realized that I could sing. She caught me doing a rendition of Michael Jackson's Rock with You.

Lavish Life Magazine: You have traveled a lot in your younger years; born in Toronto, lived in L.A. and Detroit as well. What are some of your memories of these places?

Jay Evans: Living in so many places was quite the experience. It helped me to create my sound because even though being Canadian-born my music has the influence of the States. My favorite memory of L.A was my opportunity of being mentored by the group AZ Yet. I also worked with talented producer G Black and artists like Mike Reeves and Quicktamack. My Detroit memories all surround the grittiness of the city. It was a pleasure to perform with the group Phase 2.

Lavish Life Magazine: What genre of music you think appropriately describes your sound?

Jay Evans: A Fusion. I have R&B, Hip Hop, and a Caribbean flavor all within my music.

Lavish Life Magazine: You have gotten much support from major radio in Toronto - how has that been; here in the states, artists complain about the tedious task would you say it was the same for you?

Jay Evans: The support from radio in Toronto has its up and downs. It can be challenging to get an independent artist heard when air time is taken up with repetition of signed artists. It is with great support though from people around me and especially my mentor Kerry Lee Crawford and the G98.7 FM family that radio in Toronto has heard my music.

Lavish Life Magazine: Between the 3: singing, songwriting and producing, which gives you the highest satisfaction?

Jay Evans: Now this is a question. I get great satisfaction in performing my music with a live band. Nothing beats a live band behind you having the ability to break down the band when you want and have a song that is 3 minutes turn into 5 minutes. Having fun with the song with runs and falsetto's creates a new experience. So I will have to say singing.

Lavish Life Magazine: How do you feel about the climate of music in Toronto with the emergence of so many good acts. For a while, it seemed like only one name would surface now the love is being spread. Can you touch on that?

Jay Evans: Its amazing....I appreciate the six movements. We are finally starting to get the recognition that has been brewing for so long. There is so much talent not just in Toronto but Canada as a whole. Cities such as Hamilton, Windsor, Edmonton, and Montreal and buzzing and the artists are getting recognized for their craft. The legends have paved the way. Individuals such as Maestro Fresh West, Choclair, Michie Mee, Kardinal Official, Tef & Don, Deborah Cox, Tamia, In Essence, and Baby Blue Soundcrew cannot go unmentioned.

Lavish Life Magazine: Your plan this year is to focus on your art and release a project. Can we get title and release date details?

Jay Evans: Yes, I have been working on my album for about two years making sure I have the right music. The album will be titled Going Out or Staying In. Going Out will be the party side and the Stayin' Inside will be the love making side; pure R&B music in the truest sense. You will hear and experience the versatility in my music.

Lavish Life Magazine: What should the fans look forward to in the next coming months?

Jay Evans: Currently my single In Love with the Paper is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. In the next couple of months, I will be working with Black Maple Music while finishing up solidifying my label Keep 6 Records which will launch some new artist projects. August 9th, 2017 is my anticipated album release date. To be updated, people can follow me on Instagram @jayevansmusic. The rest of my social media handles are as follows: Facebook: Jay Evans Music; Twitter: @jayevansmusic. Thank you, Jason Bourne and Lavish Life Magazine for the support.

<<<Check Out>>> In Love With The Paper Video Below


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