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A Professional In The Hospitality And Music Industries


A professional in the hospitality and music industries, Richie Hosein is a managing partner in the Exit Hospitality Group, LLC. As Co-Founder of the renowned nightlife venue, A.M. Southampton Richie Hosein alongside Zach Erdem is responsible for the premier club experience that the South Hampton area has to offer. Located at a convenient East End locate, A.M. Southampton has received rave reviews and looks forward to this forthcoming season as it retains its title amongst those in the know.

"I grew up in a Caribbean family. We're from a small island called Trinidad and Tobago. Our heritage is based on music, entertaining, and hospitality. As a child, my parents would have parties and host people. This is a tradition in the Caribbean to get people together and create unique memories. In middle school, I was told to make a time capsule and they gave us a bunch of questions. Recently, my sister sent me this time capsule and it said, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' and one of the answers was 'I want to be a club owner.' I love music, entertaining and hospitality, so those are things that truly inspired me to one day have a club." (As told to

The President of TRE Medical Group, which is a medical device sales consultancy. In addition, this renaissance man is the CEO of the Artist Factory a brand new state of the art recording facility available to the interests of artist and creators of all genres. From the medical industry to the music industry Richie is seen as a talented entrepreneur, an advisor, and a philanthropist.


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