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Jewelz Milla talks Hip Hop influences and creative process behind new music


An aspiring artist on the Big Apple circuit, Jewelz Milla simply describes his brand of Music as Dope 4 the Cool. Straight to the point, as his is style in general. An assertive individual he brings his charisma to his music entertaining individuals and pique-ing interest from ladies and gents alike. Pursuing a professional career for the past 5 years, Jewelz has put in the footwork at showcases and other events aimed at networking and building a viable brand. His performance credits include opening up for Vinny Chase, Kid Art, Smoke DZA, Manolo Rose and recently Young MA. Working on his 4th project, Baggage Claim, Jewelz is readying the release of the lead single Burberry Trenches. A love of fashion and sports, he prides himself on his presentation both musically and professional. A well rounded writer, Jewelz is also an accomplished screen writer, having composed treatments for many artists alike. We caught up with Jewelz to talk in further depth about where he is right now musically as well as his plans for 2017 and beyond. Check out the exclusive below:

Jewelz lets kick the interview off with a breakdown of your name, how long have you been performing with that stage name and what is the science behind it?

My stage name is really Simple, its not made up or an alter ego. My real name is Julian Miller . Jewelz Milla . Jewlez has always been my nick name from Young all my family and close friends Call me Jay. So it made sense when jumping into music to have the most authentic approach possible. Nothing more organic than my real name.

You refer to your brand as Dope Music 4 The Cool - touch on the concept of that for us?

Dope4DaCool was just something I put in one of my Raps and it stuck out to me. I forgot the actual line I said but it really stuck out. I've always thought of my self as Cool and always related and connected with the cool crowd. So D4DC was just a perfect way to connect to my audience. Dope 4 Da Cool. Must not be cool if you cant relate . A lot of times the pen takes me places. I don't even know where I am gonna go; I like writing my music to the beat . A lot of my ideas pop up when I'm writing raps. I write a dope line and start thinking about March, visual ideas, or Fashion.

What was the original motivation for embarking on a recording career ?

I Just always admired how rappers expressed themselves through the music; they were so clever with the words, punchlines and metaphors. Sometimes it was challenging because I didn't fully know what they were talking about but I wasn't lost. It was like solving a puzzle. I respected the Art. Everything was really very Hard Core though. 2 Pac, Biggie, Nas these guys were street . It wasn't till I heard Mase, that it clicked for me in all facets. I had found a rapper I connected with. He was smooth , Fly, got all the girls; all the fellas respected him. Just a dope artist that motivated me to try and write music my self.

Who has been one of the biggest influence on you professionally both as a brand and as an artist ?

I feel like I'm such a Fan of Rap. I listen to everything and I love new music so I'm always listening to artist either before they break through or just when they are about to. I've always been that way since young. I didn't just listen to one or two rappers I listen to everybody. It kind of worked out in my favor once I decided to write music because I was a fan that just didn't listen to your music I brought into your story. I was a student of the game and didn't know I was. Just hearing most of these rappers stories and knowing where they come from, helped because it is the same environment that I come from. They believed in their talent, and it changed their circumstances.

You have had the opportunity to share stages with some established acts, who are some of the names and what did you walk away from the experience with?

Smoke Dza, Manolo Rose , Young Ma.. It was just Dope to meet them and just see them in action in person. Seeing the love the people gave them, plus watching how they dealt with it gave me understanding of how to carry yourself when a brand is available. I'm always ready to put my student hat on because I have no mentors. I don't have a manager or anyone that teaches me, now or previously. This is all self awareness, self progress and built. I'm very humble and observant.

You are working on your 4th project, Baggage Claim; talk about some of the records on there; any features ?

Baggage Claim : right now the game is wide open but you have to claim your spot , you have to claim that Bag and everything that is in it. No Features as of now most likely it will be in house collaborations but I'm up to work with anyone who is as passionate about the music as I am.

How have you matured from your debut to the current space you are in recording wise

I have Definitely come a long way. My beat selection is way better , I have a better ear and I know what my sound is. When I first started I didn't know the direction I wanted to go. I talked about a lot of stuff that didn't pertain to me or what I was doing. Now I know myself sonically and I understand what content I want to push and have represent me.


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Written By @Basquiatlxents


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