R&B SONGSTRESS MELI'SA MORGAN who is known for her #1 hit songs and chart topping Classic songs: "DO ME BABY" (Written by PRINCE), "DO YOU STILL LOVE ME?", "FOOL'S PARADISE", "LOVE CHANGES W/KASHIF", "BODY TO BODY", "IF YOU CAN DO IT", "STILL IN LOVE" , "BACK TOGETHER AGAIN W/FREDDIE JACKSON", "IN THE MOOD TO TAKE IT SLOW"(Soul Train Music Award nominated song -2014), "SO GOOD" (#1 NY Dance Chart song) and the list goes on..... Has Signed with a New Record Label.

MELI'SA MORGAN has signed with CLEOPATRA RECORDS and will be releasing a new CD in 2017. CLEOPATRA has worked with MELI'SA MORGAN before on other recording projects for the label. Signing an Artist like MELI'SA MORGAN who has had a successful career in the music industry with recordings, touring, etc. will be a great collaboration for both Artist & Label. MELI'SA MORGAN & CLEOPATRA RECORDS are both looking forward to the release of her new CD. This CD will be taking MELI'SA MORGAN back to her roots of R&B. The CD will be a reflection of music that has touched MELI'SA throughout her life and career. As well as new songs showing the growth and diversity of who she is now as a recording artist and person.


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