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Cheeky A Rising Talent From Staten Island, New York

A rising talent from Staten Island, New York Cheeky The Hot has galvanized the rap scene which was ruled by legendary Wu Tang Clan for years. Without a firm leader of today's generation, Cheeky is focused and determined too fill that void. An entertainer at all cost, Cheeky TheHot plays on the theory that he was born into the industry, given his prodigious talent level and passion for the culture of Hip Hop he is well on his way. Representing West Brighton, his number one goal is to bring back the feel good energy which once dominated the genre while delivering a familiar sound that can bridge the golden era in today's music. With a healthy visual resume, Cheeky The Hot's buzz is built off of his outstanding work with notable persons such as Slik Salik (Producer on Fetty Wap's Double Platinum Self-titled album for single "Jug"), Treadway (Producer - Fetty Wap "Trap Love"), HeavvyInTheTracks, and J-Maul. Emerging from humble beginnings, to potential beyond measure, Cheeky TheHot is bootstrapping his climb one dope record at a time. With prayer, consistency, and work ethic, matched by no one, only time will tell where this young talent will peak.


Connect With Cheeky The Hot Via Social Media

- Fb @Cheeky Dahot

-IG @CheekyTheHot

- Snap @cheekythehotboy

-Twitter @cheekythehot700

- YouTube: Cheekythehot

-SoundCloud: Cheekythehot

Check out smash single, Awesome (Produced by Slik Salik)


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