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Ron G Uncovers the Virtue & Vulnerability Of An Emcee in DOA: Prime & Passion Ep. 2


​Following his 2017 SLUMFest Award upset, Midwest emcee and St. Louis native Ron G takes listeners behind the scenes to reveal the real trophy he seeks in the game in episode 2 of DOA: Prime & Passion. Ron G invites viewers into his private studio session as he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming debut album Black Noise, a long awaited blend of eclectic urban and classical sounds fans have been anticipating for years.

Humble and driven, Ron G is transparent with his craft; opening up about knowing the impact of his music but still flying under the radar. The Hip Hop artist openly accepts criticism from peers, shinning light on raw, intimate moments doing what he loves the most; making music. ​​

St. Louis underground talent Bo Dean pops up at the session as Ron G discusses making sacrifices, staying away from excuses and balancing life and creativity. A different vibe from the typical vlog series, DOA: Prime & Passion uncovers the virtue and vulnerability behind being an emcee and the psychological weight of rising to the top.

Facebook: Ron Gee

Instagram: @doarong

Twitter: @doa_rong

SoundCloud: DOA Ron G



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