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Long Time Author and Businessman Harold D. Span gifts readers with a guide to love and happiness wit



Announcing the release of his latest work, Living in the Shadows of Love and Happiness Harold D. Span has added another quality piece to his resume. Growing up during the time of segregation, Span conquered conditioned fears by finding meaning in life far more optimistic than what was lent by those around him.

'The book is “an amalgamation of life experiences, travels, scholarship, outreach, cultural awareness, and devotion,” says Span.

Living in the Shadows of Love and Happiness provides a guide for those who need help with achieving love and happiness. Written on the basis of personal experience, the content provides its' reader with an insight into the beauty that is healthy relationship teaching individuals about what they deserve provided they extend the same considerations that they are looking for.

“Read this book! Become self-empowered and remove all obstacles in the way of the true realization of your Black Potential!” –Ben Miles

A Bachelors of Science in Management from the Tuskegee University as well as Pfizer fellow of Dartmouth College’s Amos Tuck School of Business Administration Span is a husband, father of a teenage son and the founder of SASCO Inc which has been in existence since 1979. Span enjoys golf, international travel(Africa, Asia, Caribbean Islands), and voracious reading of newspapers, magazines, Anthropology, Psychology, biographies, and the Classics. His new book, “Living in the Shadows of Love and Happiness," represents a concise yet detailed collection of those efforts.

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