Choppa Zoe drops gritty "Vagabond" remix video

Speaking for the other side of his hometown Palm Beach, Florida rising star Choppa Zoe paints a picture of the reality that is untapped at times; filled with crime, drugs and poverty. Adapting at a young age to both sides of the coin, Choppa was swift of thought and on his toes he has become a spokesperson for the sunshine state musically utilizing Hip Hop in its purest form. Lyrically unparalleled, his delivery, and cadence have caught the attention of many and with his "Ok OK OK" single current campaign the intent is to galvanize many more. For now, Choppa Zoe has treated his fans with the release of the visual for his Vagabond Freestyle, in which he raises the bar ripping the track in both English and his native French. Trust me you do not want to miss this: See Video Below!

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