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Brooklyn's Hip Hop City Councilman Mic Handz

As Flatbush, Brooklyn's city councilman in the Hip Hop community Mic Handz is one of New York City's underground rap scene's gate-keepers. Over the past four years, not only has Mic Handz created and cultivated a highly respected recording career but he has also served as one of the creator’s Writer's Block brand and concert series. Designed to afford new artists the opportunity to be seen and heard on a national scale, Writers Block is one of the foremost platforms in the Hip Hop sector.

As he waves his Boot Camp Clik flag and dog tags, Mic Handz has consistently released several videos with both domestic and international features with legendary figures such as Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan), Lil Fame (MOP), Infamous Mob's Big Twins, Kool Keith, Jaz O, Planet Asia, Sean Price, Rockness Monsta, Tek, General Steele, DV Alias Khryst,, Smooth Da Hustler and more. With a performing calendar which includes 50-75 shows yearly it is evident that the footwork has been good to his brand. Moving forward, Mic Handz will be a featured artist on the Hell On Earth Tour sharing the stage with Smif N Wessun, and Mobb Deep as well West Coast legend Rass Kass. A supporting actor role on Project Heat has helped Mic Handz connection to the current generation in Hip Hop staying ahead of the trend and supplementing brand visibility. With all mentioned, there is much promise for many more accolades to be obtained in 2017, stay tuned.

Check Out >Mic Handz< Video's Below

Mic Handz - Skelly (Prod. Junkaz Lou)

Mic Handz - Street Regulator [dir OliseForel]

There is an undeniable presence felt in Mic Handz music. From murals and releases in France to movies, videos and supporting actor roles on popular web series like Project Heat alongside Ma Barker, Lil Fame, along with General Steele and Tek; Mic Handz has made his mark both internationally and domestic. Check out his new track Deal With The Real. Click Below!


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