Mathew Knowles New Girl Group: Blush

When it comes to rap, many lovers of the genre argue these times call for something that is in the best hip-hop vernacular—fresh. Known for introducing uber-talented artists to the music industry, including his own offspring, Mathew Knowles prepares to deliver in that order. The music mogul found phenomenal success grooming and managing the mega group Destiny’s Child. He is now handing out mics to Blush, a harmonically blended hip-hop and R&B trio (est. 2013) and they are using them to mix fiery rhymes and hooks reminiscent of the 90’s hip-hop era— but with a trendy twist. Their debut album is filled with upbeat and mid-tempo tracks; ones that reveal the sharp versatility of blending two passionate rappers with a sultry, powerhouse vocalist.

Comprised of Sunni, Tali, and Bunni Ray together they present something fresh, yet reminiscent of favorites like TLC, Destiny’s Child and Salt-N-Pepa. Sunni, a Woodland Hills, CA native moved to Houston at age 6 and quickly found a passion for writing rhymes and poetry, while heavily influenced by artists such as MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, and Tupac. Tali, a Houston native, incorporates her Colombian roots throughout her lyrics and style while complementing the rap duo with her vocal prowess. The newest addition Bunni Ray, another Houston native, synchronizes her fast rhymes with a high-pitched, sassy swagger. Their debut single, “Old School Back,” and new single “Cinderella” feat. Mystikal and “No Limit (cover)” are all currently available in the digital marketplace.


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