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Blanco "The Silent Celeb"

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Originating from the Birthplace of Hip Hop, The Boogie Down Bronx Blanco or Silent Celeb as she is known is what many consider a Hip Hop / Soul phenom. One of kind in disposition and talent, she possesses the perfect blend of charisma and vocal ability that has allowed her to establish herself as one of the Big Apple’s more talked about indie acts.

A rising female artist, Blanco has developed her craft by adapting the influences of soul, true R&B, and a pop flare which gives her the uncanny ability to collaborate with artists in all genres. Defying the odds of her not being the traditional star, The Silent Celeb has cultivated an authentic support system and fan base of individuals who have vowed to be there thick and thin. Flipping melodies, and drawing on insightful lyrics, Blanco is working towards becoming the total package which will result in the labels calling. and the endorsers chasing.

Her resume includes winning the city-wide 5K competition, multiple Underground Music Awards nominations, and support from many of the leading internet based radio broadcasts in the NYC area. We caught up with Blanco whilst in the midst of putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming selt-titled EP. To purchase your copy and read more of this "Exclusive" Interview with Blanco The Silent Celeb Click The "BuyNow" Button to place your Order. Also Check Out her Video Below!


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