From producing and writing for big starts, working on major projects, to creating viral hits, On Smash is the next up for legendary status.  On Smash is a known staple in the underground world of music, penning hits and producing for some of the most prolific artists of this day. He holds production credits for superstars like Cardi B and Spice and has been the mastermind writing for various Love & HipHop artists. His grind is admirable, and his talent is even more awe-inspiring to the ear. His rise from the underground to the spotlight in the mainstream was by no means luck or chance. On Smash has a unique ability to fuse powerful, compelling songwriting with witty rhyme schemes and humorous lyrical wordplay over fluent melodic flows. His style is nostalgic and futuristic, combing the old school wave with modern aesthetics to give birth to a sound that is ahead of this time.

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By Natprivalova

This unparalleled level of skill has been the source of many accolades in his career thus far. These include having over 190,000 Spotify streams, 900,000+ accumulated plays on Soundcloud, over 3 million plays/views on viral song, 1st place winner in multiple showcase competitions including Coast2Coast mixer, and has a  performance resume that includes Sob's and Webster Hall. On Smash hasn't wasted any opportunity that has been the result of perseverance and faith. He has since founded and is the owner of ForeverBlessed Studios, which he uses to manifest his legacy further.

On Smash has also been recognized by and sat in the honored guest chair beside Sway on his popular show "Sway In The Morning," and his lyricism has even impressed the hip hop head and one of the gatekeepers of music. On Smash is on course to be a leader in the hip hop community, orchestrating and constructing pieces not only for himself but aspiring and established artists all the same. With his latest project, "Never Left," gaining praise by audiences worldwide, he is elevating ahead and shattering milestones. Follow the talent and creativity that is, On Smash and enjoy the musical genius to his craft.

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