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Written By Jason Bourne

A Cambodian Princess hailing from the legendary Long Beach city of California Milano is a sizzling twist of female artistry and social media allure. A trendsetting personality her sense of style is gravitationally galvanizing and her look the icing on the cake.  Catchy lyrics that match the status quo in pop culture her edge has both Hip Hop and worldly appeal.   Recently teaming up with popular West Coast MC Compton AD for her "Guap" trap Milano has sparked a barnstorm of interest from potential collaborators and others. Catching the attention of OVO Producer / Artist Mike Zombie (Drake's "Started From The Bottom") has to lead to the two teaming up on her smash "The Feel" which is now available.

The popular track is super relate-able as it touches on the flex of moving on from a relationship you are "over" knowing the grass is greener on the other side. Does that feel good?


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