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By: Truly Sincere 

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When it comes to confidence and style, Lexy Panterra, the daring, singer, rapper, and dancer is on top of her game in the music industry and her personal life.


Lexy is known to be a champion for women and always encourages them to be independent, become bosses, feel good about themselves, and reach for the stars. Noted as an expert on twerking due to her 2014 “Twerkout” campaign inspiring women to have the confidence to love their bodies and to enjoy dancing any way they choose; she coined the term Confi-DANCE.” This word perfectly sums up Lexy’s persona and everything she stands for.


After dealing with the pandemic and receiving an unexpected COVID diagnosis this year, the Sacramento raised artist kept herself busy and was truly productive in 2020 despite the rough start. During quarantine, Panterra recorded her first full-length rap album, “Baddie Vibez” and released it in August 2020. The “BaddieVibez” album also debuts a new persona/alter-ego for Lexy. Virgin Lex, a badder and more natural version of Lexy Panterra is even bolder and says what is on her mind even more.


While slightly edgier, Lexy wants to emphasize that the album is not hardcore in a violent sense at all.“It’s all about getting in a good mood and how to get your power back,” said the half Irish/half Middle Eastern rapper. The first single on the album, “Die Before You Love Me” is doing well, and fans can look forward to more videos/visuals, as she plans to release one for every song on the album. The next release will be, “Hot Girl,” a song that inspires and encourages girls of any age to just be themselves with no need to follow anyone else’s standards of style or beauty.




The clever entrepreneur has also designed and released a new clothing line that is directly connected to
her new album, aptly named “The Baddie Universe Collection” with SLUNKS. Panterra describes the typical Baddie Vibez girl as “someone who is confident in herself and someone who can live up to her own expectations.” Keeping with her brand, the clothing line sells clothing that empowers women and makes them feel sexy and confident. As for future aspirations, Lexy has already been in the studio recording her new project, which is scheduled to be released in 2021. She also wants to include more radio circulation and has revealed her new podcast! In addition, the multi-talented entertainer also has plans for her Baddie Bible book…and will also be in a new film! Can’t wait to see what else the future brings for this motivated “Baddie!”

Keep up with the latest from Lexy Panterra to see all of the exciting new projects she has planned for
2021. She can be found on most social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook where
she has a substantial following and presence. In fact, Lexy Panterra is making waves on social media. The
popular singer has set a fan record with almost 600k followers on the Only Fans platform, where fans
can watch her sing, dance, freestyle, and showcase her music.


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