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Written By: Amen Sterling


Raphael Faison is growing in the music world as Kao Wonder. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. His musical preference is Pop and his parents were his first inspiration. His mother sang in the house while his father played Tuba and was an MC/DJ for the Hip-Hop group “Odyssey Disco”. Kao Wonder grew up watching Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, and Chris Brown. He absorbed their dancing and singing moves and let their music and art inspire him. He took destiny into his own hands in Middle School by studying the performing arts.

In Middle school and High School, he became known for dance. His adult years in Atlanta, Georgia he made a living as a dancer for one of the top dancing companies called “DDO”. However, his goal of singing was in the back of his mind and inside his soul. He formed a boy band named "Illicit Vice." With no support from pop music in Georgia, the band hit the road to California. Shortly after arriving in California, they parted ways. Kao was not deterred and pursued his solo career. 


We are now in 2021 and Kao Wonder wants to embrace his fans and community. He wants to give them music that they can have fun to and leave them feeling empowered. I received a chance to listen to the Music of Kao Wonder. The latest single is called “Enticing." Kao Wonder gives you a pure seventies feel in his music and lyrics that are entertaining. His goal was to make a seventies-style video. The lyrics and the feel of the song are fun and upbeat to listen to. The song style is to be pro-LGBTQIA and supports the Community.

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