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Written By Brittney Rollerson


You may know Athena: the Goddess of war and Aphrodite: the Goddess of beauty, but it's time the world knows K. Goddess: the Goddess of bosses. K. Goddess is a rapper, actress, model, and philanthropist. Since 2017, her proprietary blend of quality music and her blossoming social media following has been the perfect potion to push K.Goddess to the top. Urban myths say death comes in 3's. K. Goddess proved that myth to be true after killing the rap game when she released three projects in 2020. Not even the pandemic could stop this boss babe from dropping her EP's titled The Arrival, Big Goddess V1, and her latest EP, East Coast Bitch. Known as the "Queen of Drill," she hit the game hard once again with her latest single, "Jackie Rob." Her "Jackie Rob" challenge has been sweeping through Tik Tok and keeps her over 200k Instagram followers happily engaged. 

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Brownsville Brooklyn bred, K.Goddess knew she would see her name in lights one way or the other. In high school, she held her seat on the throne as one of the best basketball players, which carried her to college. She began flexing her muscles for writing strong rhymes while she attended college. Her love for basketball fueled her aspirations of being drafted into the WNBA. However, after bartending at the famous strip club Lust New York post-college, she decided to shoot her best shot at her music career. Throughout her bartending life, she was able to make connections and grow her following. After rapping for just three years, her following skyrocketed. K. Goddess got her first taste of international success after remixing "Whippin Excursion" by UK rapper "Giggs." Giggs gave Goddess the stamp of approval, and K. Goddess's international fan base has continuously flourished ever since. One of her most famous singles is her female anthem, Pimp. She describes this single as a proclamation of female power and independence. In the hook, the line "bet you won't call me a pimp" addresses the controversial double standard women often battle in what's often seen as a man's world.  

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Rumor has it, and the future is female. Female rappers have been making their presence known amongst the formerly male-dominated rap population. What makes K.Goddess different from her female counterparts? K. Goddess proves she's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and say what's on her mind; in fact, she'll "say it with her chest" and her checks. For most, it's not easy managing finances as an independent artist, but K. Goddess has been able to donate over $30k of her earnings to her fanbase and community. During the pandemic, K. Goddess also donated diapers, baby wipes, and baby essentials to mothers and families in need. She even participated in the Black Lives Matter mural painting with New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and Community Hub. 

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