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The Maestro of R&B

By: Amen Sterling

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Josh X is raised in Queens, New York. Josh X’s Mother is from Haiti and loved the Musical classics. Motivated by his Mother, Josh X started his musical journey at six years old with classical piano. Josh X’s first influences were Mozart, Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven. While honing his craft he listened to different forms of music and found Brian McKnight. Josh X says; “He was a piano player and a singer. I wanted to learn his songs so I could do it too.”

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Josh X studied at the prestigious Julliard School in New York and Studied at Five Towns College. Before he graduated he knew that he wanted to be an R&B singer. Josh X was Josh Xantus and came to be known by that name in 2008. He met Jadakiss and did a song with him called “All for Love”. Josh X has worked with Swizz Beatz in co-writing “Ready to Go” for the hit show “Empire”. Working with Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis and Bryan “Birdman” Williams from Cash Money.


It was the 2009 song “First Time” that led to his once in a lifetime meeting with Stevie Wonder. It opened the door to KSR records who was working with their fledging artist, Cardi B. Josh X was tasked with the role of writing and producing for Cardi B’s project in 2015. With the success and growth, Josh Xantus became just Josh X in 2018. He signed to Epic Records and has released two EP’s Piano Confessions and Amor Mixtape. Josh X has worked with Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Hood Celebrity, and his iconic work with the Phenomenal Cardi B.

Josh X’s latest video is called “I miss you,” The video tells a story which for this writer is a breath of fresh air. Josh is asking for that one last goodbye with his love that he was unfaithful to. The video swerves into a different direction when instead of getting her back or being sad for her he accepts what he has done. "That is expressed by the guitar solo at the end of the video". October 27th Josh X put out a piano rendition of the I Miss You song which is slower and catches the sadness of missing the love that he lost. The solo piano play by Josh X gives the song a completely different meaning.


Listen to the Piano solo version here:


The Maestro of Rap and R&B Josh X is a Genius in piano and music-making. His track record rivals the best up-and-coming artists out today and he is the pure soul of creative art!

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