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Wearing his signature bucket hat and gold chain when he performs skits or standups, Jordan Jackson evokes the playfulness and instant iconic aesthetic of a cartoon character in the 90s. His deliberate and exaggerated physicality furthers Jordan’s larger-than-life persona on stage. Like a dancer performing choreography, Jordan gradually leans forward the closer he gets to a punchline. As he makes the punchline, he gives a sharp shake of his hips and resumes a straight posture. Six years into his comedic career Jordan Jackson has mastered the art of establishing a recognizable and engaging brand. Jordan’s humor and mastery have already led the burgeoning star to successes and opportunities such as performing with comedian Kountry Wayne on his “Straight Out The Mud” and “Jesus is Poppin” tours, hosting and producing his show “The Jordan Jackson Show”, and most recently releasing his new book How to Monetize and Grow Your Social Media Platform”. Yet despite recognizing and admiring this exuberant rising star’s early triumphs in his career, we at Lavish Life Magazine were most impressed with his groundedness. In a new, exclusive interview. Jordan Jackson talks to Lavish Life Magazine about his beginnings in comedy, his new book, and his passion for paying it forward. 

Years after settling into Atlanta as his career Homebase Jordan still takes pride in his Californian roots. Growing up in areas like Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Moreno to name a few, Jordan Jackson is a tried and true California Dreamer. The first thing we noticed when talking to Jordan was the way he beamed when we asked about his LA Lakers tee. While Jordan has yet to attend a Lakers game in person, he still identifies as an avid fan. “Not just because Lebron James came over. I love Mychal Thompson with the beads, Michael Cooper, MJ [Magic Johnson] the real MJ.”


Jordan’s love for California extends beyond his Lakers fandom. Jordan fondly remembers his time in primary school which shaped his career later. “I was always the class clown… 

would always make the girls laugh in class and then they would laugh when I got in trouble after class.” Yet even as a youngster Jordan Jackson’s charisma and likeability lead to his teachers proposing a deal: “They said, if you can give us fifty minutes of class, you can have the last five minutes to cut up and make the kids laugh. That was my first real introduction to standup.” 


While Jordan has only been working in comedy professionally for the last six years, his business acumen and raw talent have helped propel him forward. One example of Jordan’s savvy was his decision to work as a clean comedian, meaning that he does not tell jokes that are overtly sexual or rife with curse words. Jordan credits this decision for helping him to further his exposure. “One of the main reasons [renowned comedian and collaborator] Kountry Wayne took me on tour is because I do clean comedy… I’m not knocking anybody out of the box [when I perform]. I can get the corporate gigs, I can get the church gigs, I can get the 18 and up group. Your grandma can come. Your auntie and uncle can come.” 


Now with multiple tours with Kountry Wayne under his belt, and a hit Youtube channel, Jordan Jackson is paying it forward in his new book How to Monetize and Grow Your Social Media Platform. “I’m passionate about trying to help people get their own residual income,” 

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