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Kickstart 2023 with a vibe that hints at a resolution that is all too familiar to many. This week, top charting artist and multi-talented rapper J Young MDK released his new single “Mr. Nice Guy”. J Young MDK gave his fans a sneak peek of a behind-the-scenes look at his new video for the track. Stunning visuals that paired well with the relatable lyrics took over the screen. It is Young’s first hit of the New Year and it is guaranteed to take over Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, and Tidal.


In the song, J Young talks to the audience about how he has gone underappreciated for so long. He battles with himself, thinking about how could he fall in love with someone who doesn’t show love for him. Asking her why she gives him so little isn’t enough anymore. In the track, he finds that it is time to pack his bags and find a person he could truly call him. It is no more “Mr. Nice Guy” from J Young MDK.


A retro feel channeling the groovy era of the ’70s took over the production of the visual for the song. A clip posted by J Young MDK takes one back to a time of boxed television sets, cozy turtlenecks, and far-out color schemes. Oranges and browns dominated the video as was reflected in the decor and clothing. He can be seen donning a luxurious chocolate-brown fur coat along with his signature black sunglasses. The mood was cool, calm, and collected for a message bound to hit home.


J Young MDK is pleased to release a new song so soon into the New Year. He has been working diligently with producers and writing non-stop since the clock struck midnight. A true hustler, there is always something in the mix for the young hip-hop star. “Mr. Nice Guy” is just another testament to the artistry he’s been providing to his followers for years now. Follow J Young MDK @jyoungmdk for an intimate look at the clip for “Mr. Nice Guy”. Stream the title to get in on the funk and flavor that he’s bringing to your hit list. 

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