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Written By: Brittney Rollerson 

New York Rapper GQ Put In Work with His Latest Single “Busy” feat. Neek Bucks

Genuine Quality (GQ) has our ears preoccupied with his latest single “Busy”. The way his rugged lyrics ride over the smooth vibe of the track make this single sound like the perfect “ear massage” after a busy day. After releasing his “Quality Over Quantity” album in 2020, GQ has been living up to his name and dropping nothing but quality. Making sure his fans are exposed to nothing but the best; GQ has his stamp on everything from music to apparel and even finances. Genuine Quality is a multi talented mogul in the making. As if rapping isn’t enough, he also sings and produces. Growing up in Queens Bridge projects while also living in Harlem NY, the hip hop culture influenced him to create a unique sound and wave in music. His one of a kind voice & vibrant songs, as well as his Genuine Quality clothing. line has helped win the ears and eyes of his peers. With his label partner Kings Era they have completed 2 tours & 3 sold out shows and 2 international shows while also inking a lucrative brand ambassador deal in just 2 years. While having hit songs with rising artists Jay Critch & Neek Bucks, he is poised to have a breakout year. Together Gq & The Era has sustained a growing audience and continues to release elite & highly anticipated content! Stream “Busy” and “Quality Over Quantity” on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.


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