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Decade Of A Love King

Written By Jason Bourne

A 10 year veteran of the genre of music that he loves, R&B crooner Raheem Devaughn has created a solid and consistent brand for himself by balancing a necessary image as a lady lover and man's man.  A hybrid of traditional and modern sonic, his resume is unquestionable as he has been the recipient of much praise, nomination, and honor.  A faithful core audience in tow, Raheem Devaughn is lauded by executives, tastemakers, and critics due to his multiple Billboard charting hits.   About his newly released "Decade of a Love King" full length, Raheem shares “I notice when people come to see my live performances, it’s a very interesting audience. I approached this project how I would have approached making a mix-tape [mentally], but from an original music standpoint. So I really approached every song as if this was a mix-tape, because of the tempos and the bpms. I was the first solo R&B artist to make mix-tapes; I made that blueprint which will go down in history as part of my legacy.”


This level of understanding his demographic has allowed for steady success for Raheem. His “Don’t Come Easy” and “What It Feels Like.” singles are currently charting and have created great anticipation around what else is in store.  Romance - anyone; such as on cuts like "The Way, Act 1" which has been described by his rep as a most steamy route familiar to Prince fans while laced with an Isley Brothers-esque electric guitar.


Raheem's arrival in 2005 is marked by his Jive Records debut "The Love Experience."  His major breakthrough came on the heels of his 2008 release, "Love Behind the Melody" which hit #1 on the Billboard Top 10 R&B/Hip-Hop album chart with two Grammy nominations for Best R&B Song Customer, and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for Woman.  Raheem also enjoyed a BET Award for "Male Artist of the Year." By 2010 Raheem returned with "A Place Called Love Land" and was once again nominated for a Grammy for Best R&B Album of the Year with popular single, "You" leading the way.   Three years removed, Raheem took his greatest leap of faith as he headed into the independent artist lane for his 2015 "Love, Sex & Passion" release which charted at #4 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album charts, #2 on Billboard’s Independent Album chart and #31 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. 


A leader for his native DMV, Raheem has incorporated a new performance set and a discography which features up-and-coming artists under his DMG / Three Six Eight Music Group Phil Ade and Chaz French; and DMG’s Yahzarah, Maycee, jazz-soul act Beeboisseau, Grenique, and Brendalynn McKinney).  Branding himself in all facets, Raheem has added a role in the upcoming film “Love Dotcom,“ to his resume. His work with Love Life Foundation is admirable. The Love Life Foundation initiatives include domestic violence, art and education, HIV/AIDS and the Text Book Scholarship for in-need students.


With so much to offer not only the entertainment industry but society as a whole, there is no doubt about Raheem's deserving to campaign and celebrate his  Decade of a Love King.

Raheem Devaughn

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