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A Hartford, CT area native who is classically trained vocalist who attended The Greater Hartford Academy of Performing Arts before continuing her education at Dean College in Massachusetts graduating Cum Laude, with a Bachelors in Art and Entertainment Management Communications.  With a profound focus on her studies, Ysanne's graduation provided her with a chance to target her goals as a performer in the music industry.  Shooting her shot on live performances, Ysanne has amassed a resume which includes sharing the stage with well-known industry veterans such as The Dream, Donnell Jones, and Juelz Santana.


Couple that with her accomplishments in theatre as she was a feature in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Region I tour (2013) after catching the acting bug resulting from an offer to play the role of Motor-mouth Maybelle in 'Hair Spray' at her alma mater.  As of spring/summer 2017, Ysanne has produced, directed and performed in 2 burlesque productions in her home state and was Music Director for an original musical "Hope for Hartford"


Other hats that this multi-talent has word includes event coordinator, marketing consultant building relationships and contact with audiences who have joined her support team and fan base.  Her debut body of work musically Ysanne: The Official EP is currently available via Soundcloud and her latest single Bye Felicia is a crowd favorite across the tristate area.