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THE Evan Lionel Story

A Father's Rights

 By:Katina Fields 

Raised on the South Side of Chicago in a single-parent family, Evan Lionel, better known as EL to most, is a born entertainer. A graduate of Columbia College’s esteemed Theater Program, Evan went straight into professional entertainment after completing his degree, doing legitimate theater and stand-up comedy. Before long, Lionel was an award-winning stage actor, receiving a Joseph Jefferson award for “Best Ensemble” in the play PILL HILL.


He maintained his strong work ethic and soon his regime of theater six nights a week, followed by late-night comedy performances, sparked the attention of the film and television industry. Evan has racked up a host of impressive television and movie credits and has done a series of both national and international comedy tours. With an exciting routine that is as inspiring as it is entertaining, His comedic brilliance has been showcased in performances at some of the most esteemed club venues in the country, including The Laugh Factory,


The Improv and The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California; as well as, Dangerfield’s in New York.Evan is still a nationally recognized stand-up comedian, but lately, his focus has been on more pressing issues: Family Court, corrupt judges and attorneys and father’s rights to see their children. Here’s Evan’s horrific story in his own words, and why he is bringing awareness to this rising issue in our country: Currently Family court is unregulated and there are no laws on the books to prevent a disgruntled parent from creating circumstances of parental alienation.



In many cases including my own, all my ex-wife had to do is vilify me with lies, and the family law judge accepted her word as truth and acted on it without any evidence what so ever. Because in family court, a judge’s ruling is based on the preponderance of the evidence; that simply means if a judge feels a certain way about a person, then they can make their ruling based on how they feel.


Whereas in criminal court, a judge or a jury ruling must be based on beyond a reasonable doubt, and actual proof must be brought forth, to convict someone. It is widely known that family court is more lenient towards women/mothers than men/fathers. 


So, in my case, my ex-wife simply vilified me with lies and false allegations, and a judge acted upon it as if it was true. Based on her false allegations of domestic abuse, a judge put a civil restraining order against me, just based on her words. Never was there any incident of domestic abuse in our 11-year history of marriage; nor were there any false allegations of abuse until I requested a divorce.


This is when my ex-wife created stories to vilify me to get a restraining order against me to gain the upper hand in our divorce case. One would think that the family court judge would have at least sought some concrete evidence before making a ruling of a restraining order against me.


This civil restraining order has prevented me from seeing my children over the last 5 ½ years, has caused me to lose my home and all my assets. Most people don’t even understand the power of a family court restraining order. It is used as a tool by many attorneys to leverage divorce, and this is what happened in my case.


I’ve been kept from knowing where my children are, speaking to them, knowing their medical history, their school history and their quality of life; All because a family court restraining order was put into place. I have since found out that the judge was close friends with my ex-wife’s attorney; however, In the beginning, I was unaware of this fact. In many cases this is what happens in family court; biases, prejudice, and favoritism for one party against the other. 


In my case, Lionel Vs. Lionel this reign completely true. I have completed a petition online on, to disbar corrupt attorneys working in family court who separate good parents from their children unlawfully. I am also seeking a new law to be put on the books for anyone who brings false allegations against another party.


That once that party is found not guilty of any wrongdoing, the party who brought forth the false allegations would be held accountable and given a mandatory 10-year sentence; such as in the Brian Banks case, as well as the Lionel Vs. Lionel case. This new law will deter any woman from lying under oath, perjuring herself or falsely accusing a man/husband of wrongdoing; just as it would deter any man from falsely accusing his woman/wife of the same because now there would be a law in place to hold them accountable for their false allegations.


I intend to get this law passed within the next year or so with hopes that no other man or woman would have to lose their lives and their lively hoods based on false allegations. I miss my children terribly and it has made me physically ill! If I saw them today, I would tell them that I love them dearly, I have never abandoned them, and I’ve been fighting for them since they were stolen from me. To find the petition I have online on Change. Org search Evan Lionel disbar corrupt, dishonest, malicious, unethical attorneys. This petition is to cause the court to recognized corruption from any attorney. I’m speaking out against any attorney who is corrupt in family court.


This sort of unethical behavior will no longer be tolerated in the family court. Lies, false allegations and malicious intent will no longer be tolerated as well. This is my goal, my dream, and my aspiration to prevent any other parents from having to endure parental alienation.


I’m working on a book that addresses my complete story concerning all that has happened to separate me from my three beautiful children. I also have a documentary coming out soon that is called Dads Speak. 


You can follow Evan Lionel on Facebook at Evan Lionel or on Instagram @evanlionel2898 to catch him on tour talking about these things in his regular stand-up act across the nation.

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