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A native of the Motor City, Detroit singer / songwriter J Brown is one of many fresh faces looking to sustain the legacy of the considerable music capital of the world.  The list of iconic names which have called Detroit home at one point or another is incomparable as we know, and the perfect motivation for the next star in waiting. 


"Detroit continues to be a music capital of feel-good, contemporary music that ultimately proves timeless. I have all the confidence in the world I will help push that legacy forward for years to come."


                                                                                                     - J Brown 


Proven to say the least, J Brown has paid his dues by remaining consistent in his melody, his push and most importantly his quality.  His skill set in versatility he offers subtle pop, a 90s feel, and of course - straight up R&B. . .  


"I have found my niche in filling the void that others strayed away from. I have brought back the sound of truly soulful and impassioned music."


                                                                                                    - J Brown


With plans to release his highly anticipated debut solo project, J Brown has been riding the wave of success his breakthrough "Sunrise Sunset" single has created. Placing on Billboards Adult R&B chart is the culmination of years crafting the perfect delivery.   His background is that of the youngest child of five born to a father whom is a preacher and musically inclined mother. His journey began in the church where at eight years old his talent was groomed by singing in the choir every Sunday morning. His influencers are iconic (Usher, Jay Z, Jimi Hendrix, Nas, and Sting)


"My influence by the legends goes without saying, but my mother trumps it all. She was initially signed to Motown back in the day. She and my aunt had a situation with Motown. Smokey Robinson actually signed them, and then my Mom got pregnant with my older brother. That pretty much finished that deal. So it all pretty much started for me with my Mom, with all of her experiences and what she did as far as pursuing her dream inspired me.”


                                                                                                  - J. Brown



Early on J Brown honed his acting skills in a local theater group, which afforded him the opportunity to sing the national anthem at hometown Pistons and Lions games, as well as perform for then President Clinton multiple times. Continuing the momentum into high school J would accumulate countless talent wins; eventually he and his best friend Robert Curry (of Puffy's Making The Band 4 group, Day 26) were approached by a mutual acquaintance who informed them that Fugees founder, songwriter/musician/producer Wyclef Jean was looking to sign a group.  J Brown would form E2G with Curry and two other singers and relocated to New Jersey to pursue his dream - without the consent of his parents.  After a year of recording the group would disband over creative differences included some with Wyclef and his vision.  J would rebound by attending Grambling State University on full scholarship. He would spend the next four years moving around the south, landing a brief deal with Universal that sparked two releases in 2010 "Imma Love You Right" and "Sex on My Money" featuring Gucci Mane.


After taking some time off J has returned with a new support system and his very own imprint Mocha Music Production Company and a long awaited solo effort.


“The majority of the songs definitely fall into the straight-up R&B feel. Some things have a little pop influence, but the majority of it is straight R&B with that old-school feel. You might think of Babyface, Mint Condition, Bell Biv Devoe, New Edition, Jon B or maybe a little Jaheim when you hear it. I just hear a combination of so many different artists when I go back and listen to my music. I don’t have to use Auto-Tune on a record; I can sing on the spot without any technology just like the old cats did. Capturing that “old school feel” and bringing it back was actually my objective.”


                                                                                                   - J . Brown


A preview is available via his website: where you can sample records like the acoustic guitar laced "50 On It" or flowing "Fall Apart" track as well as the late night vibes on Letting Go."


When it’s all said and done we need more music with a moral foundation and that’s what I want to put out there. I want people to say, ‘This guy has music that is not only good music, but music that will last throughout the years.’ Let’s get back to the real love and the music that really matters and means something.” 

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Give it 2 U - J Brown
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J Brown "Give it 2 U"

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