You will absolutely loooooove them. They sing, write, produce and play multiple instruments!


Written By Erica Hill

Southside of Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based sibling band Saving Forever create exuberant, genre-bending dance-rock. Formed on the south side of Chicago when they were not yet teens, Saving Forever feature the impressive talents of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist brothers From Left to Right Kavah-18, Kye-17, and, Khaden-15.


Encouraged by their parents to get into music at a young age, the brothers’ musical journeys began when their classically trained grandmother taught them how to play the Beethoven and Bach on piano - as mere four-year-olds.


Initially, they performed inspirational gospel music at various churches all around Chicago, where they went out and played every single Sunday, every weekend for years. However, inspired by an array of influences from Prince and Queen to Bruno Mars and Fall Out Boy, they quickly shifted their focus to writing their own rock-oriented material - and started performing in clubs and smaller festivals around Chicago.


After being discovered by L.A Reid, releasing a couple of singles, and collaborating with their idols Maroon 5 and Fall Out Boy - Saving Forever was picked as Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month and were featured on NBC's Today show where they performed their single ‘Million Ways’ on a live broadcast.


Now, the three musically gifted brothers - are back with their new single ‘Memories’.


“Our new track is about being young and adventurous… It’s about doing things you’re not supposed to be doing and going a bit crazy. We hope the song functions as a reminder to capture the moments when you’re in them and to always live in the now” the brothers say.

With a high-energy vibe and an anthem feel to it, Saving Forevers’ ‘Memories’ makes us want to sing along, go wild and create some memories - right now.


The highly anticipated single titled "Making Memories" dropped the end of last quarter SF Billboard Article The single is produced by Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy and is a soul project for the boy's mentor, Randy Jackson.

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