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Malik: yes yes I am here.


Jason Bourne: we Have the world-renowned Malik Yusef in the Building we finally were able to get this

interview with this brother man we so happy, how you doing Malik man?


Malik: well I am blessed man, thank ya man, I’m sorry for missing calling, I’m never that person

and I’m always you know as punctual as humanly possible, so I just wanna apologize to everyone on

that one, you already know Malik Yusef is definitely in the building!


Jason Bourne: yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, we are definitely here with Malik man we just thankfully

reached out to him, we are grateful to have him on the cover of Lavish life Magazine, I know it’s

gonna be a great deal, it gonna be a big deal for underground I know over here in New York City, we

got the world renowned Malik um Malik let me ask you.. let's just jump right into this man, I wanna

start at the beginning and speak to the Chicago that you know as a kid, today it seems as though

there’s so much negativity light given to the windy city, describe your Chicago. tell us about your



Malik: well yeah I’m glad you asked that my Chicago is a place of turmoil like any place in the

universe, but also a place of tranquility and a place of peace and a place of love and glory. Now the

reason why I said anywhere in the universe because you understand that most of the scriptures of

humans talk about there being a war in heaven.The Bhagavad Gita speaks on it, the thorax speaks on

it, the Quran speaks on it u know the bible speaks on it.. you know and so on and so forth so there’s

never gonna be a balance, i feel like Chicago, my Chicago was more in balanced. It was good day’s

well as bad days you know the good information well as bad information. Nowadays the information is in

balance, the information is all the negatives, they are still continuing to be some good and even great

things taking place in Chicago. You know when I grew up I started gang banging at 12 years old and

what these choices are doing now I was doing then without any contradictions. I had some the

established young men and established older men in the community saying “hey not in broad daylight

shawty we don’t do that, sit down over there, there was instruction there was structure there was mobs

bylaws and policies in play, there was repercussions or actions at all time and it's always supposed to be

that there’s always suppose to be a give and take or a play and a pull you dig? and I think that is what’s

missing and a part of that I blame on the media a lot a huge part i'm blamed on the policies that America

has put forth like the incarcerations laws for nonviolent crimes and even violent crimes sometimes

you know but the tenuous is too long that you have to serve to pay your debt to society supposedly.

The Chicago I grew up in was more of a cornucopian more of a mixture, a gumbo of the good and the

bad, the bitter with the sweet the up with the down and all these colonials that we learned through our

the existence of human, not just me being on the planet since the 70s I’m talking about prior to that we

learned this is how our life works you know it’s gonna be rain there’s gonna be sunshine and they both

must exist you dig but to a portion of where we are disproportionately affected in Chicago a lot of

negatives you dig so that’s a very long answer to a very simple question but I wanted to be so respectful

and give you a detailed informative look

at my Chicago.





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