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Jason Bourne 

Legendary Producer and Recording Artist, D/R Period along with Front Runna Gunna of Rockboy Gz, Fly Ty are the masters behind Rockboy Records LLC, a label under Sony Entertainment.  D/R’s accolades as producer exceed decades in the entertainment industry. He has backed many famed artists such as Jay Z, Nas, M.O.P., as well as many motion pictures like “Brown Sugar” and “Bringing Down the House”.  To know music, production, and entertainment is to know D/R.  He's a leader who has devoted the majority of his life to the culture of Hip Hop. As a devout man, D/R takes pride in his relationships and work ethic with fellow professionals mixed in the industry and artists at all levels of their careers. Unlike many labels, once an artist enters Rockboy Records they can expect honest critique with genuine artist development, as well as a place to call home!  


Ty, always the right-hand man to D/R has a lengthy career in music as well, and began with Rockboy Records as street team runner and head of the group Rockboy Gz. Throughout his years at the label D/R took notice of his leadership skills and superior intellect for business. It only made sense that Ty would grow to become president of Rockboy Records as well as “Front Runna Gunna” for the now very established and exceedingly respected group, Rockboy Gz.


D/R and Ty contribute the consistent success of the label to their shared mindset on business, music, and ethics.  To add to that, they believe wholeheartedly in their artists who create music for longevity and not for what’s trendy and popular right now.  Each artist is unique, creative, and talented in their own right and elevates the label to excellence.  Each artist is also crafty with their style and remarkably versatile which allows them to deliver hit after hit for on-demand fans.


“We are more than a label; we are family here. It is important for our artists to feel like


Rockboy Records is their home and myself and Ty are family.” -D/R

With D/R and Ty as a joined force, both the label and label artists have reached incredible amounts of prominent success. Rockboy Records has and continues to receive global recognition and popularity. You can hear label artists Rockboy Gz, Ms. Shica, Computa, Zay The DoeBoy, Shawn Rock, and others on FM radio across the states and internationally. You can read through XXL Magazine, The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, and other notable press and find countless spreads. As for performances, Rockboy Records has taken over the largest festivals, venues, and arenas including Madison Square Garden!


“We’re unstoppable, as a label and as a family. Skies the limit for Rockboy Records.” -Fly Ty