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Have a Listen

By Jason Bourne

A southern lyricist born and raised in the streets of Atlanta, GA Jean D'eau is the latest representative of Mu'min/ Famerica Recordings. With his debut, Who is Jean D'eau in circulation, he has celebrated 20K hits in the first week via MyMixtapez.


The project features collaborations with label mates Ralo, Swift, Louieyski, and Daytona along with production from The Colleagues, 808 Mafia, Ace Taylor, Track Makaz Beatz, YB, & Whiteboy. Standouts on the project include "The Code" and "See You Win" featuring Ralo.  


Taken back, yet inspired by the comparison of his flow to that of legendary figure T.I. his energy and delivery is said to be on par with superstar MC Meek Mill. Lofty references for a young man who has hit the ground running whom credits his faith and life experiences as the greatest influences on his content and diction.


For More on Jean D'eau visit


Instagram @Famerica_JeanDeau

Twitter @IamJeanDeau

YouTube JeanDeauTV

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