Asian Doll

Baddest Doll of Em All

Unapologetic about her lifestyle and influences, there is a chance that Asian Doll is misunderstood by those who do not subscribe to the ways of the new generation. Not one to care, Asian Doll is focused on the continued growth of her brand and development of her career.  Building off her life experiences, Asian Doll is brutally honest in her lyrics painting the truth about what societal norms may want to keep covered.  More than her brown skin and exotic eyes, Asian Doll is on the fourth year of her musical ground becoming more obsessed with each opportunity.  


As opposed to studying only female hip hop royalty, Asian Doll has taken to notations on what her male counterparts have utilized on her the way to their success.  Quite sarcastically, she shares “All the girls I heard were soft in how they talked or the stuff they talked about was mostly boys. I rap about what I went through with my family. I talk about what I know; people doubting me, being around drugs, jail, all that.”


Living her truth.  And empowering her listeners to embrace theirs.  


Leader of the Doll movement, this Texas sensation kicked the door in with the viral success of her "Rise of the Barbie Gang Empire' debut mixtape.  Her follow up "Drippin in Glo" has solidified her place in Hip Hop's new generation.  A trending topic in more ways than one, her touring and appearances have brought the experience that is the Doll movement to life. Her 3rd release, "Project Princess" is critically acclaimed and has led to the opportunity of touring across North America with Bhad Bhabie. 



The Bhanned in the USA tour is set to kick off this April as the two female stars will hit Santa Ana California and major cities such as Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco before wrapping up in Los Angeles on June 14th.   One of the highlights will be their performance of "Hi Bich" (Remix) featuring Rich the Kid an YBN Nahmir.  Check out tour dates below:

 Baddest Doll of them All Video's  

Asian Doll "Savage Barbie" (Official Music Video)


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