With a resume spanning over two decades of R&B excellence. You would be hard pressed to provide a winning argument to refute Joe Thomas’ place on the list of legendary performers that have graced us with; their vocals and showmanship. Since hitting the scene (circa 1993), with his debut “Everything”, Joe has sung his way into the hearts of many providing the soundtrack to a romantic night or two; if you catch my drift.  Joe’s only project to not reach the Top 5, however “I’m in Love” single would peak at 64 on the Billboard charts giving Joe a fighting chance in regards to his mission to wow insiders and fans alike. His next eleven studio releases would all hit their mark (Top 5) establishing Joe as a frontrunner in the genre for many years to come.  Starting with his sophomore project, “All That I Am” which debuted at No. 4 peaking in August 1997. Joe set the tone for his acclaim with the most top-five debuts of any R&B act during the span of 1997; until now.  Follow up’s include: “My Name Is Joe” (2000); “Better Days” (2001); “And Then.....”(2004); “Ain’t Nothing Like Me” (2007);