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Written By: Rachel Goldman

Long before Flex became a bonafide celebrity in California, he was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York. Flex still reflects on how the City That Never Sleeps helped shape his career and values. “Sometimes I miss it”, he reminisces, “I still remember the [carts with the] dirty water hot dogs...we didn’t ask any questions…we ordered the hot dogs with the sauerkraut and the grape soda”. More than a hunger for hot dogs, Flex’s career goals began in New York in his childhood apartment. Flex vividly remembers the exact moment. “My mom was going out, I’m [Eddie Murphy’s comedy special] Delirious on HBO, I see this and say ‘that’s what I want to do”. What started as a late-night inkling turned into his comedy debut at Uptown Comedy Club in 1991. Flex remembers feeling like something changed when he got on stage. “The feeling I got from when the people were laughing at me. When I was dancing for people…I was working for someone…But [with standup] people responded to me…The rest was history.” 


Flex’s passion extends to his family, Now happily married to Shanice and together for more than twenty years, the couple asserts that love is work. “You have to fight for your love” Flex muses. The public vulnerability with which Flex and Shanice have fought for their love and the wellbeing of their family was documented in their hit reality show Flex and Shanice. “I didn’t want to do the show at first”, Flex admits. “But we had something to talk about. We toyed around with a couple of ideas and decided let’s just talk about what we’re dealing with. We just kept it 1000”. Despite initial hesitation about the project, unbeknownst to Flex and Shanice, their vulnerability in their battle would make the sweetness of their victory all the better and cemented. them as one of Hollywood’s ultimate power couples.  


Years after audiences cheered Flex and Shanice on to continue to reclaim their stardom, Flex has returned from hiatus from the entertainment scene and is busier than ever with upcoming projects in television and a podcast: Flex Alexander: All In. For all of his new projects and his success throughout his admirable career, Flex rings in his birthday most proud of his authenticity and his commitment to his family, his nuclear family, and the family of the cultural community. “The one thing no one can say about is that I sold myself out. I have always tried to represent the represent us well.” And that success is no laughing matter. 

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