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Flex Alexander Rings in New Birthday with Continuing Success 

Written By: Rachel Goldman

Every performer has something akin to a stage persona, someone they play to feel powerful, to take command of a room. With his pronounced hand movements to make a point. As a comedian, dancer, and actor, Flex Alexander’s stage persona is an immediate standout. With his impressive footwork or his boisterous impressions, Flex is passionate and energized. The energy he exudes on stage is playful yet completely focused on providing the crowd with a good laugh. He is completely in the moment and enjoying every second of it.


Talking with us at Lavish Life Magazine, while he may be a bit more still, and reflective in his answers, Flex stays true to the values of “always keeping it 1000”. He can animatedly talk about the history of comedy, the impact of leading performances from Samuel L. Jackson and Denzel Washington, or his love for his family at length with the same energy, focus, and enjoyment that he brings to a bit on stage.


Flex’s nature, on and off the stage has continued to foster success including a successful return to the comedy stage, promising upcoming projects, and a thriving marriage and family with the R&B legend, Shanice. As Flex rings on his birthday with Lavish Life Magazine, he discusses his career trajectory, his passion for representing the community, and his continued success.  

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