A great artist is defined by their ability to use their life’s experiences to inspire art for the masses.

Euro Gotit, a rapper overcoming the odds to make his rise to stardom, joins a select list of Atlanta pioneers of Hip Hop. Euro grew up under the church. Ironically, it was the place that disapproved secular music, which started his path into becoming the hip hop heavy weight he is today. Euro would become enlisted to play the church drums. This evidently led to him penning rhymes and honing his lyrical craft, all while keeping it hidden from his mother. Initially, Euro held intentions of solidifying himself in the producer/songwriter lane, but hip hop had other plans for the prolific rapper. His undeniable talent brought him recognition as an artist, changing his trajectory. Euro Gotit is as multifaceted as they come, able to create magic across the entire spectrum; from love and positivity, to flexing, balling and trapping. The uncontested sound to his music can be credited to musical influences like the legendary Michael Jackson, to notable artists such as Bruno Mars, Jeezy, and Future.

Euro Gotit’s rise hasn’t been without pitfalls. After making a two year jail sentence and being released in 2014, he emerged with even greater passion and determination to turn his demons into stepping stones to success. His voice became the weapon, and his pen the ammo. It was without surprise that his music was doing numbers. This garnered the attention of Authentic Empire Music Group’s label head, Boomman, resulting in him signing a record deal. Euro Gotit would go on to release his highly acclaimed mixtape 4N (Foreign). The mixtape quickly rose to classic status with A-list features like Lil Baby, Gunna and Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

Euro Gotit’s future is poised to be one of immeasurable success as he is already making headlines for acts like Young Dolph, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Cardi B, Rich the Kid, Blac Yungsta and Kodak Black. He continues amassing an unstoppable following, using his music to preach to the streets.

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