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By Amen Sterling

Drummer Boy has built businesses and organizations that give back to the community as well as build the brand that Drumma Boy has made famous. Ferrell (Ensayne Wayne) Miles was the Brother of Drumma Boy and had started a fashion boutique called “House of Fresh”. With the recent loss of his Brother in 2018, he continued with the fashion boutique that they started. His record label, “Drum Squad Records” Is where Drumma Boy wants to build his artists and creatives using more of his production genius and artistic growth. It is no surprise that his record label “Drum Squad” received a billboard #1 accolade this year. Drumma Boy’s “biggest flex” as they say is having an award through Drum Squad.

Drumma Boy was very close with the artist, Young Dolph. He compares him to Guiccy Maine as far as strong and having good character and considers Young Dolph his “bro.”Some of Drumma Boy’s best work production-wise is with the lyrical icon “Project Pat” of UGK. They put together a catalog of hits that are classics now.
Drumma Boy’s collaboration with the Icon, Ludacris, and the Superstar, Sno the Product released five months back and set the tone for the Producer, Artist, and creative. With amazing Vocals, A-1 production, and cool video you got the perfect addition to your playlist. 


We at Lavish Life magazine would like to thank Drumma Boy for kicking it with De’Molay on Peptalk the Podcast. Check out the full interview on the Lavish Life website.
Drumma Boys' most recent track as an artist is called “Made Me.” He released the song and video on his Birthday, August 11th. Enjoy the track on all platforms.



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